From St. Louis, MO, I am a mother, educator, poet, child advocate, photographer, world traveler, and linguist.

Forever a student, often a teacher, I live each day to make a difference. Children, my own and those who are temporarily mine, inspire me. Literature enlightens me. Photography and writing express me. And HIS love sustains me.

As a Mother:

As a Teacher:

My promise:

I pledge to welcome each child into my classroom and to not shy away from what I don’t understand.  I promise to continue learning and growing as a teacher and an individual and will admit when I do not know the answer.  I will embrace the diversity that each of us represents in the classroom and encourage others to value diversity.  I will create a safe and nurturing environment for my students, taking action immediately when that safety is at risk. I will form alliances with parents, counselors, administrators, and other staff to ensure that my students succeed.  I will show my students how reading and writing are relevant and connected top the lives they live every day.  I will encourage curiosity by encouraging questions and inquiry.  I will provide opportunities to build upon prior knowledge and will teach to strengths.  I will empower students to choose and to navigate through the curriculum their own way.  I will be available.  I will care.

My Beliefs:

  • Each child deserves to be valued and respected
  • Opportunities for success should be purposely provided for all learners
  • The classroom should be a safe place for all children
  • Positive relationships between teachers and students contribute to student achievement
  • Partnerships between parents and teachers contribute to student achievement
  • Every child can learn and grow
  • Teachers should be facilitators of learning
  • Literacy changes lives


As a Christian:
(the role that humbles me most)

  • Jesus paid the price for our sin
  • Anyone can be saved
  • The Holy Spirit is for every one