Facebook Friend

I ran into a Facebook facebook icon  friend,
not literally, by the way.
I tried to ask, ‘how’ve you been?’
but he quickly turned away.

Could it be he didn’t recognize
my face so out of place?
Or that he didn’t remember me
without my profile  profile icon 1  page?

But then again,
if I remember right,
he ‘liked’ like icon facebook  my pic
from Halloween night.

We have 183 mutual friends.
I’ve even ‘checked in’ map pin icon
at places he’s been.
We both hit angry emoji
on the same political post.
And last year, our group pic
was the one that was ‘liked’  liked icon fv  the most.

Why then did he look away?
He always has so much to say.
I  LOLed  LOL emoji at all his jokes
and WOWed  wow emoji    at pictures of his folks.

cry   cried with him
when he lost his pet fish
and  hashtag tagged him making a birthday wish.

With all that we share
and all the places we’ve been,
I expected at least a smile
from my Facebook friend.


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